Government Shutdown: It’s Our Fault

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Sure, Donald Trump and Congress are to blame.  Trump will probably get more blame than Congress, but historians will have to sort that one out.

But ultimately it us, the American people, who are responsible for the government shutdown.  Why?  Because we empower these people.  We vote them into office.  We tolerate all the garbage and partisanship.  We have nothing to complain about.

8 thoughts on “Government Shutdown: It’s Our Fault

  1. Democrats could have had a deal last week if they’d wanted one. Republicans would have agreed to grant amnesty to DACA beneficiaries, and they would have agreed to forego construction of a wall along the border with Mexico. In order to obtain those benefits, Democrats would have had to give up “chain migration” and the “green card lottery,” and they would have had to agree to stricter implementation of E-Verify. Had Democrats been willing to grant those concessions, DACA beneficiaries would be on their way to amnesty; but Democrats were unwilling to compromise. Senator Schumer’s decision to obstruct the spending bill was a cynical ploy, and you fell for it. So, yes, you do have egg on your face.


  2. Senate Democrats blocked passage of a spending bill because President Trump and Congressional Republicans would not agree to grant amnesty to DACA beneficiaries without obtaining significant concessions from Congressional Democrats. The latter are unwilling to make significant concessions because their base opposes compromise. It is Democrats, not Republicans, who are intransigent.


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