The Popularity of American History Podcasts

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According to Khari Johnson of Venture Beat, American history podcasts are “having a moment.”

We believe that The Way of Improvement Leads Home Podcast is part of that “moment,” but we could use your support to keep things going.  We are lining up some great guests for the rest of Season 4.  So far this season we have done episodes on:

  • American Evangelicals with Pultizer Prize-winning author Frances FitzGerald
  • Libertarianism and democracy with National Book Award-finalist Nancy MacLean
  • STAX Records and public history with Jeff Kollath, director of the STAX museum in Memphis
  • The history of Florida and Mar-a-Lago with historian Julian Chambliss
  • Teaching history with Kevin Gannon, the “Tattooed Prof”
  • Thinking historically about race and Charlottesville with historian Kelly Baker

Podcasts take time and money to produce.  We have a great staff at The Way of Improvement Leads Home Podcast and I would really like to keep them for the long haul.  Won’t you consider supporting our work through our Patreon Campaign?  Click here for more details!