One thought on “Pro-Life and Anti-Roy Moore

  1. As near as I can tell, the “pro-life” movement isn’t actually about abortion. If they were against abortion, they would be working hard to actually do something substantive about America’s pockets of urban and rural poverty. They would be hard at work in improving the Affordable Care Act instead of abolishing it. They would be working hard to do something substantive about income instability. It’s difficult to plan for the economic future of a child when you can’t reliably plan for the next week.

    How hard are the pro-life activists working to reduce maternal health risks from pregnancy? The stats for America are not as good as they could and should be, especially for some demographics. An early abortion is a safer option than a full term pregnancy. Making such an abortion more dangerous is not a moral goal. I’m old enough to remember the pre-‘Roe v. Wade’ era. Not a good era.

    Poverty and income instability are, I think, major factors in why women decide that they need to have abortions.

    If they were really against abortion, they would be strongly demanding comprehensive sex ed in all schools and colleges, They would be strongly demanding low and no cost, ready accessible contraceptives. If you don’t have an untimely pregnancy that feels you with dread for both your future and a child born into unfortunate circumstances, you’re less likely to terminate a pregnancy.

    If they were really against abortion, they would be demanding strong family leave and other family friendly workplace policies. Having no confidence about your job security and childcare options isn’t going to motivate you into continuing a pregnancy.

    I don’t see actual “pro-life” activists, people who want women to flourish, be healthy, be confident in their ability to create a good future for them and their children. What I see instead are propagandists for patriarchal control over women, an immoral campaign to keep women in “their place” away from further threatening male dominance. I mean, what do the the Southern Baptists and the Roman Catholics really have in common? I see no women in the pulpit, and who are thus segregated from leadership positions.


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