December Update


You know the end of the semester is near when the Messiah College History Club shows up at your house singing Christmas carols!  A Messiah College History Department tradition!

Early last month I announced that The Way of Improvement Leads Home will be published on a limited basis while I watched some NCAA Division III volleyball , finished the semester at Messiah College, and completed my book on Donald Trump.  Actually, I was able to get more blogging done than I anticipated.  With the indispensable help of Devon Hearn, we managed to publish sixty-six posts in November.  But there were also a lot of things that happened in the past month on the history, religion, and politics front that we have not had the time to address with any degree of depth.

As we enter December we will continue to publish here on a limited basis.  The Calvin College volleyball season is over (congrats on making the Final Four!), but the end-of-the-semester demands are just beginning to mount.  And my deadline for Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump is fast approaching.

Stay with us.  We will post whenever we can.  We also hope to back with force in 2018, if not sooner.