It’s Giving Tuesday! Show The Way of Improvement Leads Home Podcast Some Love!


You too can own a The Way of Improvement Leads Home Podcast mug like the one pictured above!

I recently learned that today is “Giving Tuesday.”  According to Wikipedia, “Giving Tuesday” is “a movement to create an international day of giving at the beginning of the Christmas and holiday season.”

As our regular readers know, The Way of Improvement Leads Home Podcast operates on a shoestring budget.  I make no money on the podcast, but I still need to pay our producer Drew Dyrli Hermeling and our studio producer Josh Lowrie.  All of the donations we receive through out Patreon campaign goes toward paying Drew and Josh and covering our overhead for mugs and books.  As I have written about several times, we would love to take the podcast to the next level–a weekly show with even better production quality.

Over the last couple of years we have had some great guests on the show, including a Pulitzer Prize-winner, several National Book Award Finalists, and a Bancroft Prize-winner.  They have included Nancy MacLean, Kevin Gannon, Julian Chambliss, Kelly Baker, Liz Covart, Nancy Tomes, Scott Hartley, Adrian Burgos Jr, Douglas Bradburn, Manisha Sinha, Amy Bass, Sarah McCammon, Rebecca Onion, Ann Little, Annette Gordon-Reed, Peter Onuf, Paul Lukas, Nate DiMeo, Sam Wineburg, Yoni Appelbaum, Daniel K. Williams, and Jim Grossman.

And we have some great guests lined-up for the rest of Season 4. Stay tuned!

If you want to support top-notch history podcasting, please consider donating to The Way of Improvement Leads Home Podcast through our Patreon page.  It’s easy to do and you might even qualify for a free book or a mug!  Once you land on the page, just click the orange “Become a Patron” button on the right of your screen.

Happy Holidays and thank you for your support!