Heard Yesterday In My Evangelical Church:

From yesterday’s sermon:

I think its true in our church and I think its true in a lot of Christians that I encounter that don’t go to this church.  I’ve noticed more and more recently that we are relating to the world and the culture around us through the lens of fear.  We are operating more out of fear than out of trust in God.  We are afraid and there is no good result from engaging the world from a place of fear.  There is nothing positive that comes from engaging the world as an afraid person.  It causes us to trust in the wrong people and the wrong things to protect us.  I see it in us.  We are turning to the wrong saviors. We think our salvation lies somewhere where it does not.  [We are] grasping at power in our current cultural atmosphere and trying to maintain influence.  By the way, that’s not the way to get influence–to continue grasping at it desperately.  Fear always leads to anger.  The person who is afraid long enough will always turn angry.  Fear never leads to peace.  Fear never leads to joy.  It always leads to anger, usually anger at those who are not like you.  I see it.  As I was reading these chapters in Isaiah [13-20] this week I said to myself “this is important.” 

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  1. I agree that fear is the primary message among many American Christians in our time. I’ve often thought about how negative this is as an evangelistic strategy. Why should anyone want to join a group whose predominate message is fear?


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