Jane Calvert on John Dickinson

The University of Kentucky is running a great piece on Jane Calvert, the planet’s foremost expert on John Dickinson.  As many of you know, Dickinson was the author of Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania (1767-68), a response to the Townsend Acts.  Though he was the primary author of the Articles of Confederation, he refused to sign the Declaration of Independence.  It’s a great story from revolutionary America and Calvert tells it well.

Read the piece here.

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2 thoughts on “Jane Calvert on John Dickinson

  1. Thanks Professor Fea. I loved Calvert’s “Quaker Constitutionalism.” But this is the second article I’ve see referring to her “current book,” when a google or amazon search fails to find any new book by her. What is this book’s title, and when is it published? Thanks


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