Rod Dreher Calls Out the Court Evangelicals


In a post criticizing Donald Trump’s handling of Puerto Rico, American Conservative blogger Rod Dreher (of Benedict Option fame) wonders why the court evangelicals have been so quiet.

Here is a taste:

Where are Donald Trump’s court Evangelicals on this? If you cannot stand up to your friend the US president when he threatens to stop sending humanitarian aid to American citizens who are hungry, thirsty, sick, and without shelter, then God help you when you come before the King of Kings.

Read the entire post here.

One thought on “Rod Dreher Calls Out the Court Evangelicals

  1. I think I learned the story of ‘the Rich Man and Lazuras’ from my Mother well before I was Six years old,,,okay the electee didn’t have a Mom who was a Sunday School teacher as I did, but I was able to grasp’the significance of this Biblical account at that young age, because I heard it from someone I respected!


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