Jennifer Rubin: “The evangelical defense of Donald Trump has taken on a religious fervor immune to reason.”

Trump court evangelicals

Here is a taste of Jennifer Rubin’s recent column at The Washington Post:

The evangelical defense of President Trump has taken on a religious fervor immune to reason. The Post reports:

Although some say the Trump-evangelical alliance harms Christianity, it’s common to hear other conservative Christians say that Trump’s unexpected win — down to the electoral college — shows that God had a more-deliberate-than-usual hand, and has put Trump there for some reason.

Brian Kaylor, a Baptist pastor with a PhD in political communications who has written several books about religion and politics, thinks [White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee] Sanders holds this view of a divine plan and it gives her confidence at the podium.

“When you have to stand up there and defend whatever he’s done, it’s more than you are defending a politician, or even a president; you are defending God’s chosen leader for this time,” he said of Trump’s defenders.

That’s stunning to the many Americans who think the divine right of kings was what we fought against in the American Revolution. A God-chosen president can do no wrong, tell no lie, make no error. And that, it seems, has been the default setting for many of Trump’s most loyal supporters among the religious right.

Indeed, the court evangelicals sound a lot like the loyalist opposition to the American Revolution.  If I get some time I am going to write a longer piece on this.

Read the rest of Rubin’s piece here, including the part where she bashes Christian Broadcasting Network reporter David Brody singing the praises of Trump when he lies.


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  1. Believing in God’s Divine Plan for establishing His Kingdom is noble, but we shouldn’t stop at what might amount to electing the lesser of two evils….the work is far from being done; we Christisns need to continue the work of holding all politicians to His standard of Righteousness, and not being complicit!


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