Was Springsteen’s Performance Saturday at Canada’s Invictus Games a Preview of Broadway?


It sure seems like it.  Here is a description of his set:

Springsteen’s own set — possibly a preview of his upcoming run of solo concerts on Broadway, which begins Tuesday — included acoustic versions of “Working on the Highway” and “Dancing in the Dark” from his 1984 album, “Born in the USA,” and “The Promised Land” from his fourth LP, 1978’s “Darkness on the Edge of Town.”  While his solo set was just himself, a guitar and a harmonica, the 68-year old rocker plugged in to join Adams and his band to perform “Badlands” from that same album, as well as the duet. Springsteen had covered “Cuts Like a Knife” once before at a Rainforest benefit at Carnegie Hall in 2010.

Read the rest in Michelle Ambile Angermiller’s piece at Variety.

Here is Springsteen performing Badlands with Bryan Adams at the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games:

Here is his acoustic take on “Dancing in the Dark”:

And here is Working on a Highway:

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