Lupica: The Mayor of San Juan is a Hero


I have been reading Mike Lupica for a long time, but I don’t think I have ever done a blog post on one of his columns.  That changes today.  Sometimes you just need to hear from a veteran New York journalist.  Here is Lupica’s Daily News piece on San Juan mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz:

Last weekend it was the National Football League treated like some kind of unnatural disaster by the President of the United States even as Puerto Rico was drowning because of an authentic natural disaster. At the time we were supposed to believe that any American football player taking a knee during the national anthem made him an ingrate. Now the mayor of San Juan is called an ingrate for not genuflecting in front of the same President.

Carmen Yulin Cruz isn’t an ingrate, or an opportunist, or political grandstander. She isn’t somebody who deserved to get trolled on social media because she was desperate to get help for her city and its people. She sure isn’t a tool of the Democratic Party. She happens to be a hero of her people. American people.

You don’t pick a fight with somebody like that. No. You stand with somebody like that at a time like this, even knowing full well that she has clearly committed a crime far worse, at least in Donald Trump’s mind, than disrespecting the flag.

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