Hotel Tips


Over at The Smart Set, writer Bernd Brunner offers some advice on how to survive in a hotel.  Here is a small taste:

So, what is important nowadays when you check in? First of all, get along well with the receptionist, whatever it takes, because this person has the power to decide whether you are welcome or not. It’s a good sign if he calls you by your name and even pronounces it correctly without you having to model it. If you don’t (pretend to) respect him, you may find him to be your worst enemy. If you have visited a hotel often enough and are acquainted with one of the employees, he or she may reveal aspects of the inner workings that you are usually shielded from. The probability of you having access to these insider facts correlates significantly with where he or she is in the staff hierarchy — the lower down, the higher the chance you will find out what you want to know (to satisfy your curiosity) or what you don’t want to know (to still be able to sleep well). This can range from the latest news on demolished hotel rooms, famous or unwelcome guests, or the occasional suicide. While hotel detectives are no longer fashionable, there are CCTV cameras. The bustling people who clean the rooms, once called “chamber maids,” may have the most intimate knowledge about the guests. Whether they want to or not, they notice everything, from guests’ habits to the kinds of medications they take. Just leave them a generous tip. Always.

Read the entire piece here.