Today the Founding Fathers Were Invoked…


For owning slaves

For their support of anthem protests

For providing quotes that Roy Moore can use to advance his political career

For fearing that the electoral college would lead to only a few states deciding a presidential election

For reducing corruption by establishing a balanced government

For fighting a revolution based on moral values

For protecting free speech

For their love of beer 

For bringing “the understanding and reality of life” to government

For establishing a stable democracy

For “kneeling” during the playing of “God Bless the King” in 1776

For their biblical literacy

For believing that God was offended by sin

For sacrificing their lives for the cause of independence

For believing in “robust, open debate

For there “aversion to weaponry

And we could go on.  The Founders are invoked every day.   Isn’t it time we invest in American history so that when we do invoke the Founders we do so responsibly?