Court Evangelical Robert Jeffress Has a Message for NFL Players

Here is court evangelical Robert Jeffress on NFL players taking a knee:

Let’s get the facts straight.  These NFL players were protesting more than social injustice on Sunday.  They were also protesting the way that President Donald Trump responded to their protests of social injustice.  Their protests on this particular Sunday were more geared toward the latter than the former.  Jeffress seems to have conveniently forgot what Trump said about NFL players who have refused to stand for the playing of the National Anthem:

I would also add that it is impossible to interpret Trump’s remarks here apart from his remarks after Charlottesville:


One thought on “Court Evangelical Robert Jeffress Has a Message for NFL Players

  1. Well, if I remember my history correctly, in the 1770s this country had a mega-protest against their leader who lived across the pond. So, I think it is safe to say that protests are deeply embedded in our nation’s DNA and have been since the very beginning.


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