Today the Founding Fathers Were Invoked…


For their fear of a president like Donald Trump

For creating three branches of government

For opposing gerrymandering

For trying to protect the country from the tyranny of the majority

For instituting a way to amend the Constitution in order to protect the states

For growing weed

For being “living men” and fallible humans

For separating church and state

For protecting intellectual property

For owning slaves

For opposing a bipartisan political system

For opposing the idea of secession

For standing up against a tyrannical government that is not unlike the one today that is trying to end DACA

For believing that we are all created equal

For committing crimes of slavery and genocide

For promoting literacy

And we could go on.  The Founders are invoked every day.   Isn’t it time we invest in American history so that when we do invoke the Founders we do so responsibly?