The “Court Evangelicals” in the Pulpit

Arch Street

I am glad that my work on the court evangelicals is finding its way into churches. Thanks to Rev. David Krueger of the historic Arch Street United Methodist Church in Philadelphia for referencing my work in yesterday’s sermon.  Read it here.

I have spoken at Arch Street United Methodist Church (though not on Sunday morning). It is a progressive congregation doing good work in engaging the city of Philadelphia.  I am sure my views on the court evangelicals resonated with much of the congregation.

I am not sure what a sermon on court evangelicals (or something similar) might look like in an evangelical congregation.  I sympathize with pastors who are opposed to Trump, but don’t want to divide their congregations.  Today I appreciated the way my pastor, without delving into politics, talked about the church’s role in having a prophetic voice in the culture and the importance of speaking truth to power when necessary. Other pastors might be more overt. Others less so.  It probably depends on the congregation.

Whatever the case, I hope the church does not cease to be the church in these times of great political and cultural change.