On the Road in Fall 2017


This Fall I am balancing teaching two courses at Messiah College, leading the Messiah History Department (my last year as chair), speaking in various venues, blogging daily, hosting Season 4 of The Way of Improvement Leads Home Podcast (we have some great guests lined up!), writing a book (more on that later–stay tuned) and watching as much Calvin College women’s volleyball  and Mechanicsburg girls soccer as possible.

Here is where I will be speaking:

September 21-22: The State of the Evangelical Mind Symposium, Indianapolis. Plenary panel (with Jay Green and Eric Miller): “Noll’s Scandal & the CCCU: A Tripartite Review).

October 18-19: St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN. Multiple talks and lectures on digital humanities, religion in America, and academic blogging.

November 15: Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI.  Public ecture: “The Court Evangelicals: Who Are Trumps’s Christian Advisers and Where Did They Come From?”

November 20: American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting, Boston. Panelist: “The United States of Hobby Lobby.”