Nice Work, Morgan Lee!

Morgan LeeI have written before about my former student Morgan Lee. (Do I get to call her my “former student” if I only taught in one class?).  I could never convince her to be a history major, but at least she stayed in the humanities!  Morgan is a journalist who works for Christianity Today.  According to this interview with Joy Beth Smith, Morgan is leading the magazine into the age of podcasts. She is the host of “Quick to Listen.”  I encourage you to check it out.

Here is a taste of the interview:

How do you see podcasts equipping or reaching people in ways that articles can’t?

My father has been pretty frank with me that he doesn’t like reading articles and doesn’t plan on reading CT because he does not compute or understand information when he gets it from an article. It doesn’t register with him, and he doesn’t like reading for pleasure in the way many of our readers do. I don’t think my dad is in any way alone—at all. I think there are many people who, for whatever reason, don’t want to spend their time reading articles, and they skim over the sentences we’ve been belaboring over. But we’ve found a way to bring our thoughtful Christian journalism skills to a different space and unpack ideas with that same depth and nuance.

As you’ve had different types of guests on QTL, from Ed Stetzer to historian John Fea, what’s your goal when you’re bringing on guests to interview them?

One thing that the ministry of CT has succeeded in is bringing context to stories. We are often looking for people who can give context, so we have a disproportionate amount of intellectuals, historians, and professors over thought leaders who may only have a platform or pithy quote. So first we look for context, then we also look for practitioners. Who’s doing the work out there that can bring in their own real-life examples in a helpful way? A few weeks ago we brought Bob Roberts on the show, a pastor in Texas. He’s not only a pastor, but he’s engaged in Muslim-Christian relations. Part of the point of having him on was wanting him to tell stories of the work that he does in a “show not tell” way, and I think history is its own “show not tell” story.

Back in August 2016 I had the privilege of joining Morgan on the Quick to Listen podcast. The topic was presidential character.