Mark Silk on Trump’s “Evangelical Prophets”


I love Trinity College professor and journalist Mark Silk‘s short pieces on religion and politics at Religion News Service.  Now if we can only get him to buy into the phrase “court evangelical!”

Here is a taste of Silk’s latest.  It is a reflection on 1 Kings 22.  

If I were one of Trump’s’s house prophets, I’d be pondering whether all the encouragement they’re giving him isn’t actually the work of a deceiving spirit from the Lord, intended to destroy his presidency. Such as, for example, their enticement to ban transgender people from the military, a policy that is opposed by Republican senators, the Pentagon, military families, and the American people generally.

Of course, if one of those prophets stands up like Micaiah, odds are the President won’t listen to him. Which, as in the case of Micaiah and Ahab, would be all to the good.

Read the entire post here.  (HT: Barton Price on FB)

2 thoughts on “Mark Silk on Trump’s “Evangelical Prophets”

  1. It is a dark thought to suspect that so many of our religious leaders may be seriously deceived that completely. How should the rest of the Church (Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox) respond to this? Any judgement could also be on the Christians so easily seduced by power.


  2. This is all so bizarre. Behind all this is the presumption that God favors Republican policy, which is a damnable misrepresentation of the Scripture they say they revere.

    Beyond that, if God was so concerned about the outcome of our tax rates and health care systems and so on, why do Democrats ever win? Is it like a tug-of-war with Satan’s side? Is God so weak he sometimes loses? Or maybe sometimes he’s watching another country and letsbthe results slip?


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