One thought on “Tweet of the Day

  1. So conservative evangelical Christiants, as a group, went from the most certain that private immoral conduct is a marker for how they will conduct themselves in their public duties, to the least certain. I have a somewhat cynical brother who says that when politics and faith conflict in an individual’s mind, very often politics wins. Here’s evidence for my brother’s thesis. In their seeking to excuse their support for a man with Trump’s track record, a large swath of the so-called Christian Right defined deviancy down, excusing inexcusable behavior because they sop ported the man politically.
    Cognitive dissidence at work: I don’t want to believe a man with a highly immoral private life will be likely to act the same way in his official duties, so I create in my mind a disconnect.
    Not to cast all Christian conservatives in the same boat; some of the very most eloquent critics of Mr. Trump have been conservative Christians, such as Washington Post op Ed columnist Michael Gerson, Warren Throckmorton, and the writer of this daily blog.


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