OAH Crossroads

A new online community from the Organization of American Historians:

In partnership with H-Net, the Organization of American Historians is pleased to announce the OAH Annual Meeting Crossroads, an online community for U.S. historians.

What is it?

OAH Crossroads is an online forum where U.S. historians can collaborate to form panels for upcoming Annual Meetings, connect ahead of the conference to find room or travel mates, or converse about the profession. 

How does it work?

As opposed to a traditional H-net network, Crossroads posts OAH related conversations from other H-net area specific networks on one page. So, if you are searching for collaborators in H-AfroAm then, by using certain keywords, it will show up in OAH Crossroads making it easier for potential Annual Meeting participants to find.


The Annual Meeting receives a good number of excellent single paper submissions every year. Unfortunately, the program committee often has to turn away papers due to a lack of suitable pairings. We encourage those who would like to participate in the Annual Meeting to use OAH Crossroads to build sessions, form partnerships, and make connections within the profession.

Read the 2019 Call for Proposals here.