Dishonest Don’s


It’s all about fireworks!

This is a great Facebook post by Andrew Wehrman (used with permission):

As my Kansas City friends know, in the little suburb of Riverside, Missouri, every summer two competing fireworks companies open for business. Fireworks and fireworks sales are illegal in Kansas City proper, so Riverside’s fireworks tents see brisk business. The older of the two companies is called Honest John’s fireworks. At some point another tent opened next door named Dishonest Don’s fireworks. Dishonest Don’s is a little bigger, has a little more razzle-dazzle and seems a little more exciting, more lively. And as a seasonal fireworks tent, you don’t really expect them to all be totally upright and board certified, so calling themselves dishonest is good for a chuckle. Dishonest Don’s always seems to have more cars. It has twice as many Facebook followers. And while every fireworks company seems a little unsavory and corrupt as a rule (they’re brazenly selling fireworks made in China right next to a major city in which they are illegal), Honest John’s seems to have embodied the name. It’s current owner is the President of the National Council on Fireworks Safety. They have a children’s safety table where they have safety information and demonstrations. Nevertheless, do most people research their choices deeply enough to learn this? Probably not. Maybe it’s just a joke, and he’s an honest guy with a warped sense of humor. But would anyone be surprised if Dishonest Don was actually dishonest? Dishonest Don tells it like it is! Maybe he will be dishonest in our favor and pass the savings on to us.