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Now is the best time to become a patron of The Way of Improvement Leads Home Podcast.  Over the summer we will be dropping several special episodes for PATRONS ONLY! (We just got out of the studio yesterday after recording episodes with two great guests).

Please consider heading over to our PATREON SITE and making a contribution.

Why should you contribute?

  1. We are trying to deliver some informed and thoughtful American history podcasts and we could use your help.  We always need good American history, but it is especially needed in times of great political and social change.
  2.  Patrons who contribute at the Gold, Sterling and Pound levels receive gifts of appreciation such as signed books and podcast mugs!
  3.  This summer you will receive special PATRONS ONLY bonus episodes.
  4.  Get history commentary and interviews with historians and historical thinkers such as Jim Grossman (American Historical Association), Yoni Appelbaum (The Atlantic), Sam Wineburg (Stanford University), Paul Lukas (ESPN),  Annette Gordon-Reed (Pulitzer Prize-winner), Sarah McCammon (National Public Radio), Manisha Sinha (National Book Award finalist), Scott Hartley (best-selling author on tech and the liberal arts), Nancy Tomes (Bancroft Prize-winning historian), and many, many more!