What Happens When You Tweet the Declaration of Independence in the Age of Trump?


Apparently Trump supporters are worried the the “liberals” at National Public Radio are trying to foment a revolution by tweeting the words of the Declaration of Independence.

There are a lot of things to say here, but I will refrain for now.  It does seem clear that some of those upset with the words and phrases tweeted did not realize that these were the words of the Declaration of Independence or did not care to do the simple research that would confirm this.  As a historian and educator this worries me the most.


2 thoughts on “What Happens When You Tweet the Declaration of Independence in the Age of Trump?

  1. The whole thing shows just how little Trump supporters care about history or for that matter even understand it. They are so wrapped up in their ideology that the words from the Declaration of Independence anger them. They can fly all the flags they want, put pins on their clothes, and mouth all the patriotic stuff they can, but if the Declaration of Independence is too much for them to handle, those people are not patriots at all. It is pretty obvious their version of America isn’t the one created by the Founding Fathers.


  2. Declaration of Independence was the guide to the United States Constitution, therefore gave grounds to form a new nation and government which was made for the people by the people of the Republic States of America becoming the United States of America. Martin Luther King said I’ve A Dream, but I say We’re The Dream Now. Diversity wins overs racism and history has proven it time and time again.


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