Sunday Night Odds and Ends

A few things online that caught my attention this week:

“In the retelling of U.S. history, there is an incomplete and frequently inaccurate story of African American history.”

Peter Berger, RIP

Allen Guelzo says America is as divided as its ever been, with the exception of the Civil War

Richard D. Brown on religious liberty

Did Vacation Bible School drive millennials away from church?

Evangelical Gotham

Ed Larson reviews two new books on Jim Crow and American eugenics

Schools without walls

The Democratic Party’s cultural problem

The significance of James Garfield’s assassination

George Will on the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia

Thought leaders

53% of evangelicals think that their congregations sometimes love America more than God

The East St. Louis Race Riot

Some tips for working in the National Archives

Why we remember Nathan Hale and have forgotten Moses Dunbar