Would the Founding Fathers Be Happy With Our Nation Today?


Fox News recently asked registered voters if the Founding Fathers, if they were alive today, would be happy with the state of the nation they created? 79% of respondents answered “No.” (They would not be happy).

First, allow me to play the role of educated, elite, college professor. This poll implies that Americans know what the Founding Fathers actually thought and believed about the republic they created in 1776.

Second, the poll asks people to put the Founders in a time capsule and ask them to come to the 21st century to cast judgment on a society that would be mostly foreign to them.  I imagine (but what I do I know, I am a historian) that they would like some of it and hate some of it.

Third, we do know that the Founding Fathers thought that an informed citizenry was absolutely essential to the survival of the republic.  So I am guessing they would wonder about the usefulness of such a poll.

And I am sure they might say something about Donald Trump. 🙂



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