One thought on “Song of the Day

  1. Cool Springsteen song! Well, I am not a Court or Country evangelical, and I hope I’m not a jester. I am a nobody evangelical, but since Jeffress and company are silent, here I go. There are no justifications for these tweets–even with Joe and Mika’s consistent hate filled attacks. For heaven’s sake he is the leader of the free world. I have never seen someone with so much political instinct act sometimes as if he had none. So why on earth would I still support this man? I have always known Trump was a crass, sophomoric, and sometimes vile man. And I see little evidence he is a Christian. I hate it when he acts this way. But he is a CIVIL MAGISTRATE who is trying harder than anyone I have ever seen to actually keep campaign promises (conservative ones at that). Moreover, the moral differences between Trump and say JFK, LBJ, FDR, Bill Clinton and several others who have occupied the presidency are not that far apart. Some of our best presidents have been moral degenerates. Most have been much better though at keeping their sins hidden from the immediate public than Trump. Let us pray for this man with compassion for his soul and for our country’s wellbeing. Sarcasm and hate will only make us bitter and cold. I pray that some of these evangelicals (at least the genuine ones) in his circle will counsel him toward improvement, and maybe even salvation.


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