Are You Reading *Education and Culture*?

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As some of you know, John Wilson, the founding and only editor of the now defunct Books & Culture, has started a new venture.  It is called “Education and Culture: A Critical Review” and it is sponsored by

Here is a recent press release:

PELLA, Iowa, June 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Too much fake in your news? Too much noise in your signal? Wouldn’t it be nice to have experienced voices to help you make more sense of what you hear and read?

Many found a trusted voice in John Wilson. Twenty-plus years helming Christianity Today’s Books & Culture. Assembled an all-star team of writers. Earned the publishing world’s respect, with articles in The New York Times Book Review, The Boston Globe, First Things, and National Review.

Yet with the announcement that Books & Culture would halt its run at the close of 2016, it looked like the end of an era. couldn’t let such an influential voice go silent. Today, they proudly announce John Wilson is back! presents the new, online magazine/website Education & Culture: A Critical Review, with John Wilson and his talented team of writers and reviewers.

Link to Education & Culture at

Education & Culture — like its predecessor, Books & Culture — is a ‘critical review,’ a member of the family that includes the TLS, the New York Review of Books, The Literary Review, The New York Times Book Review, the Claremont Review of Books, The Threepenny Review, The Los Angeles Review of Books, and many others in this genre, past and present.

Look to E&C to cover history, literature, music, science & math, religion, sports, art, anthropology, fashion, politics, philosophy — anything under today’s spotlight. Other published pieces will include movies & TV, interviews, freestanding essays, poetry, reportage, and more.

“A jumble, then, a hodgepodge? Only insofar as that is true of the world itself, the universe, the whole shebang,” says John Wilson, Editor. “This little miscellany is a microcosm of the reality we all share. Magazines such as E&C — ‘reviews’ — encourage an awareness of the many-sidedness of things, a mingled sense of irony and awe, a sharp taste both of the absurdity and of the inexhaustible richness of creation.”

E&C writers familiar to readers of B&C include Amy E. Black, Joseph Bottum, Catherine Brekus, Heath Carter, John Fea, Robert Gundry, Paula Huston, Alan Jacobs, Philip Jenkins, Martyn Wendell Jones, John McWhorter, Amy Peterson, Michael Robbins, Sarah Ruden, Tom Shippey, Tim Stafford, Rachel Marie Stone, to name only a few. E&C’s advisory board, chaired by Mark Noll, includes Susan Wise Bauer, Lena Hill, Timothy Larsen, Shirley Mullen, David Skeel, Alissa Wilkinson, and Marly Youmans; they’ll be writing for the magazine as well.

“I met John Wilson about four years after he launched Books & Culture and found him to be one of the most interesting and engaging editors I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with,” said Rich Tatum, senior editor and media producer for TBS and E&C. “Many who read and loved B&C are just as excited about E&C precisely because John Wilson is at the helm.”

Intellectually curious? Then E&C is your cup of tea. Visit the E&C website and let them know your feedback.

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