Happy Birthday to The Way of Improvement Leads Home!


Saturday was our ninth birthday here at The Way of Improvement Leads Home!  Not many blogs last this long, so we appreciate all of your support over the years!

This year we saw some new developments:

  • We began our Patreon campaign for the podcast.  If you are not already supporting our work please consider helping us keep this podcast going!  There are even free books, mugs, and special episodes for patrons!  Click here.
  • We added a “Morning Headlines” this year.  We hope to accomplish two things with this feature.  First, we want to help our readers to be more informed citizens. Second, we want to foster critical and historical thinking.  Several social studies teachers are using the headlines to teach students how to read documents and identify bias in the news.
  • We had a staff transition this year.  We said goodbye to Abby Blakeney and hello to Devon Hearn.

And, of course, we have continued with all of our regular features, including the Author’s Corner, Sunday Night Odds and Ends, and So What Can You Do With a History Major?

We will continue to bring you the kind of content you expect from The Way of Improvement Leads Home.  Keep reading and spread the word about what we are doing here via social media.

Thanks again!