The Society for U.S. Intellectual History Releases 2017 Conference Schedule


As usual, it’s a great lineup.  The meeting will take place October 26-29, 2017 in Dallas.

Good to see so many friends of The Way of Improvement Leads Home on the program.

Here are the plenaries:

Opening Plenary:

“Public History and the Future of the Past”

Moderator:  Sara Georgini, Massachusetts Historical Society

Brenda Tindal, Levine Museum of the New South

Valerie Wade, African-American Library at the Gregory School

Krishna Shoy, The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

Whitney Stewart, University of Texas at Dallas

Friday Plenary:

Toward Democracy as Faith or Doubt”

Moderator: Christopher Cameron, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Caleb McDaniel, Rice University

Amanda Porterfield, Florida State University

Manisha Sinha, University of Connecticut

Daniel Wickberg, University of Texas at Dallas

Respondent: James Kloppenberg, Harvard University

Saturday Plenary

Annette Gordon Reed:  “Slavery, Family, and Memories of Monticello”

Other presenters include: Emily Conroy-Krutz, Kate Carte Engel, Peter Cajka, Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn, Paul Murphy, Lillian Calles Barger, Adam Shapiro, Heather Cox Richardson, Ethan Schrum, John Wilsey, Hilde Restad, Fred Beuttler, Lauren Turek, James Livingston, Nicole Hemmer, Ben Wright, Tim Lacy, Kevin Schultz, Susan Ferber, Johan Neem, Manisha Sinha, Seth Cotlar, David Greenberg, Jeremi Suri, Caleb McDaniel, Amanda Porterfield, Daniel Wickberg, James Kloppenberg, Paul Gutacker, Ray Haberski, David Mislin, Robert Abzug, L.D. Burnett, Erin Bartram, Andrew Hartman, Amy Wood, Robert Greene II, Phillip Goff, Cara Burnidge, Molly Worthen, Daniel K. Williams, Leslie Butler, Gail Bederman, Elesha Coffman, Ben Alpers, Ben Park, Matthew Bowman, Sarah Handley-Cousins, Lindsay Chervinsky, Stephanie McKellop, and Daniel Roeber.

Wish I could be there.