Correction: Court Evangelical Falwell Jr. Is Still Participating in a Task Force on Higher Education

Falwell Jr Trump

On Monday we posted about a Politico report (via Insider Higher Ed) claiming that Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. will not be participating in a Trump-sponsored task force on higher education.  This is apparently not true.

According to more recent reporting by Kimberly Winston at Religion News Service, Falwell Jr. will sit on a White House committee on higher education. (He will not be sitting on a similar committee to be held under the auspices of the Department of Education).

Here is a taste of Kimberly Winston’s piece:

Last week, Politico Pro reported the task force was not happening — before reporting later the same day that it was, with Falwell on board. Doubt may have stemmed from fact that Trump failed to mention it in his remarks at Liberty University’s May 13 graduation or at the Faith and Freedom Coalition on June 9 — both ideal places to announce such a force.

And on May 31, the Department of Education issued a letter that did not include Falwell on a list of people who would work under its authority on a task force on regulation rollbacks.

Then Sunday, a White House spokesman confirmed Falwell will participate in a separate White House task force, also on higher education.

Read the rest here.

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