Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Writer: “The Gospel According to Trump”

Trump in Ames

Here is Tony Norman at The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reflecting on some of the same things we discussed earlier this morning in our “19-Percent” post.

Donald Trump learned a long time ago that he can get away with saying demonstrably false things to his core supporters with little fear of paying a price. As the cliche goes, his people take him seriously — not literally. He may be a liar, but he’s their liar. Even if his lies flatter them at the expense of reality, what’s the big deal?

I was never one of those people who gave any credence to the theory that we’re all living in a computer simulation that mimics what we used to think of as the “real world” — until recently.

In the universe that I come from, Christians would rather have been fed to the lions than to have been allied with a vulgarian like Donald Trump. In this simulated universe, the American faction of Christianity appears to worship a Jesus that has contempt for the poor, hates refugees and embraces militarism. Here, Jesus blesses wealth and power and those who seek it relentlessly.

In the universe I originally came from, evangelicals would’ve gone nuts at the sight of Donald Trump and several Arab despots meeting in Saudi Arabia a few weeks ago putting their hands on a mystical orb in a darkened room as if sealing an antiChrist-level deal to divvy up the world.

In this universe, as long as Mr. Trump gives proper lip service to Christianity and appoints the right kind of judge to the Supreme Court, the president’s son-in-law can own a building in New York City with the ominous address 666 Fifth Avenue and not generate a single nervous giggle.

In this universe, Christians are the opposite of the weak and sentimental fools Friedrich Nietzsche complained about. Here, Nietzsche’s “will to power” is exemplified by America’s dominant religion. The beatitudes have been turned upside down and inside out to accommodate the new American spirit — the gospel according to Donald Trump.

While one man testified on Capitol Hill to the truth of how the president operates in excruciating details at times, the president wrapped himself in a blanket of righteousness and ignored him. He told lies and luxuriated in the applause of the righteous. In this universe, Jesus spits. He doesn’t weep.

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