Evangelicals and the Paris Climate Agreement


Here is some recent reporting and commentary.  See our coverage here.

Timothy McLaughlin, “U.S. Evangelical Green Groups Pan Trump’s Climate Accord Exit” (U.S. News & World Report).

Sarah Pulliam Bailey, “Why so many white evangelicals in Trump’s base are deeply skeptical of climate change” (The Washington Post)

Lisa Vox, “Why don’t Christian conservatives worry about climate change?  God.” (The Washington Post)

Brian Kaylor, “I refuse to forget the Christians advocating for climate action” (Religion News Service)

“Pelosi Says Withdrawing from Climate Deal Dishonors God” (CNSNews.com)

Bobby Ross Jr., “Media warming: How to–and how not to–report on evangelical skepticism on climate change” (Get Religion)

Madeleine Buckley and Jerome Socolovsky, “Strong religious reaction to Trump climate accord decision.”

Valerie Strauss, “Betsy DeVos applauds Trump for pulling U.S. out of historic climate accord” (The Washington Post).