Will 2020 Election Be a Referendum on Climate Change?


It’s possible.  Here is Dana Nuccitelli at The Guardian:

This is the rotten state of today’s GOP. They’re happy to sell out the future of humanity for their own short-term political gain. Noam Chomsky was right – the Republican Party may be the most dangerous organization in human history. This move comes at a time when the need to act on global warming has been clear for decades, but the GOP has blocked all American climate policy efforts, and we’re now running out of time to avoid dangerous climate change.

America’s withdrawal from the Paris treaty will take four years, meaning that the 2020 election (and the 2018 midterms) will be a referendum on Trump’s decision today. American voters must send the world a signal in that election. In the meantime, it will be up to the rest of the world – particularly China and the EU – to take up the mantle of leadership on climate change that America has left behind.


One thought on “Will 2020 Election Be a Referendum on Climate Change?

  1. We’ll see, I suppose. “most dangerous in history”? The rhetoric around this issue rivals anything Trump says. The faith some folks put in computer models rivals the faith that even the most devout Christians have in God.

    Given the long litany of bad predictions about the future made by scientists, it’s amazing the world has bought into this doomsday scenario. According to James Hansen’s congressional testimony before Congress back in the late ’80s, NYC should be largely underwater by now if I recall correctly.


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