Bruce Shows Up in Wildwood!


Warning:  This is a total Jersey boy post.

Bruce Springsteen was just hanging out and walking the boardwalk in Wildwood this weekend.

This is from the Ocean City Patch:

The “Boss” is back. Well, actually, he never left.

Bruce Springsteen, who helped give the Jersey Shore some worldwide acclaim, showed he’s still a homebody by enjoying the amenities of the beach this Memorial Day weekend.

Springsteen lives in Colts Neck in Monmouth County, but he enjoyed a tram ride and just hanging out with locals at the Wildwood boardwalk and in Wildwood Crest on Thursday.

Springsteen is known for his world famous music, as well as writing about the Jersey Shore. He’s not known much for writing about the southern Jersey Shore, though he does have a song called “Atlantic City” that speaks to the resort’s decline.

Tony Deutsch, who authors a blog called “The Boardwalk Blog,” called the encounter part of “one of those days that happens once in a lifetime.”

He said he was at the Reges Oceanfront Resort in Wildwood Crest doing a “fiber optic internet conversion” when he received a text from one of his “inside sources” that Bruce was in town walking the boardwalk.

“So, I go to the DD on Pine Ave in Wildwood and I ask the kid there if he knew who Bruce Springsteen was. He said ‘Who?'” Deutsch wrote on his blog.

“So, I saw Gigi riding down the boardwalk on Gigi1, I stopped him and said ‘Hey Gigi I’m looking for Bruce Springsteen, and he said ‘Patrick contacted me and said he’s on the boardwalk. Do you know what he looks like?’

I said “Yes I do Gigi.”

Deutsch later found out that Springsteen had parked at Garfield and the Boardwalk. Springsteen was there with his car, hanging out and talking to people for two hours, and using the tram.

“So I parked and waited for the Boss. Then I saw Bruce walking down the boardwalk. I got out of my car and walked towards him and said ‘Hey Bruce can I get a pic with you?’ He said ‘Sure.’ “

People complimented Tony on the meeting, while others noted that he may be in conflict with his political views. Deutsch said he didn’t care.

“Don’t care about his political views…and I like his music..sooner or later you have to leave politics out of everything else,” he said.

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