Junior College Creates Endowed Chair in American History


As the humanities and American history struggle at four-year colleges, a Florida junior college has established an endowed chair in American history.  Good for them.

Here is a taste of the story behind the Mr. and Mrs. T.T. Wentworth Jr. Endowed Chair in American History at Pensacola State College:

The T.T. Wentworth Jr. Historical Foundation, Inc. has completed its final phase by placing a parting gift of more than $100,000 with Pensacola State College to establish a perpetual resource for distinguished teachers and scholars.

The Mr. and Mrs. T.T. Wentworth Jr. Endowed Chair in American History honors both Rosabel and Theodore Thomas “Tom” Wentworth Jr. for their dedication in preserving and celebrating the history of Northwest Florida and the State of Florida.

“For decades, the name T.T. Wentworth Jr. has been synonymous with history and learning for students of all ages,” said Pensacola State President Ed Meadows.

“We are honored to be part of the legacy of Tom and Rosabel Wentworth, and we look forward to continuing their zest for exploring our past through this very generous endowed chair.”

Often referred to as “Mr. History,” Tom Wentworth Jr. (1898-1989) was a Pensacola entrepreneur, collector, politician, educator, preservationist, community promoter and realtor. His collection of artifacts and miscellanea was organized as the T.T. Wentworth Jr. Florida State Museum in 1988.

“Mr. Tom Wentworth loved preserving the history of West Florida, and he loved sharing his collection of historical artifacts with children and young people,” said Sharon Yancey, president of the T.T. Wentworth Jr. Historical Foundation. “As his foundation board began to realize its purpose had been achieved, we wanted a fitting way to celebrate this amazing legacy and historian.

“With this gift of an endowed chair in American history, the work of T.T. Wentworth Jr. will continue for generations yet to be. From the early days at the Dorothy Walton House museum, to the museum in Ensley where Mr. Tom welcomed us all with a wooden nickel, to the T.T. Wentworth Jr. Florida State Museum, and now the endowed chair at Pensacola State, his work of educating young people on the power and purpose of history continues.”

The Wentworth endowed chair is a three-year award that recognizes an outstanding professor/instructor in the PSC History, Languages, and Social Sciences Department and supports projects and professional development that benefit the recipient’s classroom performance and students.

“This is a wonderful gift; it provides additional faculty resources that can be used to make Florida history and Gulf Coast history come alive for our students,” said Susan Morgan, History, Languages, and Social Sciences Department head. “It brings honor to our department and spotlights what we are doing.”


Read the entire press release here.