Christian College Commencement Addresses

DreamsByron Borger of Hearts & Minds Books plugs Serious Dreams: Bold Ideas for the Rest of Your Life.  It is a collection of commencement addresses from Christian colleges.  It is important to realize that not all Christian college commencement addresses are like the one delivered in Lynchburg, VA this past weekend at a school presided over by one of the Court Evangelicals.

I was sad for the students at Liberty University that their commencement speaker this year wasn’t going to offer a spiritually-mature, eloquent, Biblical message of the sort that good evangelicals are used to on their special day. When I heard that Mr. Falwell thought the talk was great, I figured he must not have heard truly great and truly Christian commencements talks from seriously Christian colleges. If teachers, parents or students from Liberty (or anyone) wants to know what a good address from a Christian college could be like, read this moving collection from some notable speakers — John M. Perkins, Amy L. Sherman, Steven Garber, Richard Mouw, Claudia Beversluis, Nicholas Wolterstorff, Byron Borger, Erica Young Reitz — of graduation messages delivered at Messiah College, Seattle Pacific University, Calvin College, Geneva College, Malone University, Covenant Theological Seminary. These are great little chapters with substantive, inspiring messages.

And while we are at it, in the comments section of my recent Falwell Jr. post, “Generous Matters” writes:

Too bad Jerry Falwell didn’t hear the commencement address at Messiah College. Bryan Stevenson’s address was substantive, challenging, beautifully delivered, and the kind of send-off graduates of a Christian college should receive. President Trump’s address, on the other hand, was none of those things.The president did, however, pump up Jerry Falwell’s ego and provided Liberty University with a lot of free publicity. Talk about a mutual admiration society!

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  1. It was an honor to have a sitting POTUS speak at LU. Who ever said all Christian universities must have a Christian speaker for commencement or that he must meet some high level of eloquence? This is the second year in a row you have gone out of your way to diss our speaker. What gives? Your critiques are important to me, John. You help me think. But you are not at your best when you bend to sarcasm and mockery.


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