Morning Headlines

New York Times: “Twice Warned, Trump Stuck By Flynn Despite Ties to Russia”

Washington Post: U.S is poised to ramp up military in Afghanistan”

Wall Street Journal: “Yates Warned White House Flynn at Risk of Russian Blackmail”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: “Uber raises rates in 8 States, including Pa, to fund driver insurance program”

BBC: “South Korea votes for new leader after scandal”

CNN: “Awkward question the White House must answer”

FOX: “Clinton Emails: Comey reportedly misstated number of messages forward by Huma”

One thought on “Morning Headlines

  1. Given the Comey firing later in the day, the Fox News headline is very interesting and speaks volumes. It certainly appears that resurrecting the Comey/Clinton email story dovetailed with Trump’s action later in the day. It is like Fox had received its talking points for the day from the administration, and was “greasing the skids” for Trump’s actions later that day.


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