Morning Headlines

New York Times“With Airstrike, Trump Reveals a Doctrine That Improvises”

Washington Post: “White House struggles to show how airstrike in Syria fits broader policy

Wall Street Journal: “Blasts Hit Two Egyptian Churches Killing at Least 36

CNN: “U.S. Makes a U-Turn on Assad”

NBC: “Carrier Group Sails to Korean Peninsula in Response to ‘Reckless’ North”

FOX: “Palm Sunday Attacks: At least 37 dead, over 100 injured in blasts at packed churches in Egypt”

2 thoughts on “Morning Headlines

  1. Interesting that you are now reporting the daily headlines. I gave my World Politics a similar assignment recently. They were to chart the top three international headlines from the NYTimes, WSJ, Fox, WaPo, and BBC over five days. I have not yet read their analysis but I am looking forward to it.


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