2 thoughts on “Fundamentalist-Modernist Controversial Video of the Day

  1. Unfortunately, many are informed about the Scopes Trial from the movie “Inherit the Wind” from 1960. There is even history and language arts curriculum and lesson plans for the movie. Edward J. Larson, the author of “Summer of the God” (pulitzer prize winner book on the Scopes Trial) said in an interview: “Also, a stereo typical image of fundamentalists was created in the minds of many secular Americans. It was further captured in the film Inherit the Wind by the way Frederic March portrayed Bryan, which was very far from the real image.” (Edward J. Larson, “An Interview with Edward J. Larson: The Scopes Trial and America’s Continuing Debate Over Science and Religion” Theology and Science, 17.2, 2009)

  2. Sadly, this is how most of conservative, evangelical America sees this: as a conflict, rather than a two separate fields of study that equally (ideally) strive to seek the truth.

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