New Summer Online Graduate Courses Through Gilder-Lehrman

The Gilder-Lehrman Institute of American History has just announced their summer graduate course offerings.  These courses can be applied to an M.A. in Humanities (American History concentration) at Adams State University.

They are:

America in an Age of World Wars: World War I (Michael Neiberg, Army War College)

Historiography and Historical Methods (Multiple scholars)

Lincoln and Leadership (Michael Burlingame, University of Illinois-Springfield)

State Histories (Richard Loosbrock, Adams State University)

Learn more about these courses here.

One thought on “New Summer Online Graduate Courses Through Gilder-Lehrman

  1. Wish I had time and strength. Most difficult course in grad school was historiography in which only two of us participated, learned later the prof was stern . Learn more with tough guys. Now I approach every historical text with an attempt to ascertain how the historian thinks.
    Now having many pages on the Benedict I am overwhelmed in reassessing American religious history thought.
    Well, thanks for the stimulus.


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