Who Are You Picking in Your March Gladness Bracket?

A blogger named Matthew Piece is staging his own version of “March Madness” that has been getting some attention in the evangelical blogosphere. Pierce is asking his readers to fill out a bracket filled with people and things associated with modern American evangelical subculture.  He calls it the “March Gladness 2017 Christian Culture Bracket.”

The tournament is currently in the third round.  Here is the official bracket. (Click on the link to see a larger version).


Here are my picks for the Sweet 16:

  • I think the Campolo vs. Flannelgraph matchup will be tight.  I am going with Campolo.  I am too young to have ever experienced a Sunday School class taught with a flannelgraph and I cannot turn my back on an Italian evangelical.
  • When I was in college I won a talent show with my roommates by singing Rich Mullins’s “Screen Door on a Submarine,” but because I do not know about the “hologram” and I do not feel like googling it, I will go with the WWJD bracelet despite the fact that I have never worn one.
  • I don’t know who or what”Psalty” is, so I will go with Tebow.
  • I don’t know the name Nadia Bolz-Weber.  Isn’t “Bibleman” a character played by Willie Ames, a member of the cast of the television show “Eight is Enough?”  I used to watch “Eight is Enough” so I will go with Bibleman.
  • I am unfamiliar with “Whit,” but I have heard of Beth Moore.  I will go with Moore.  I must admit that in this part of the bracket I was saddened to see Russell Moore lose to Beth Moore and Warren Throckmorton lose to Whit.  I also would have chosen Chick Tracts over Carman.
  • I think I get the “Farewell Rob Bell” reference, but I am unfamiliar with Josh Harris. I will go with Bell in this matchup, although I am impressed that Harris knocked off both James Dobson and Josh McDowell on his way to the Sweet 16.
  • One of the more interesting Sweet 16 matchups is WOW CD vs. DC Talk.  I imagine DC Talk will win this one, but I am going to pick WOW.  I only know one DC Talk song (“Jesus Freak”) and I think somewhere along the way this group wrote a book claiming that the United States was founded as a Christian nation.  In comparison, I own several WOW CDs.
  • I have no idea who to pick in the LeCrae vs. Yoga Pants matchup.  I am impressed, however, that Yoga Pants defeated both the Duggars and John Piper in early round matchups.

OK–enough of this.  Have fun with it.

2 thoughts on “Who Are You Picking in Your March Gladness Bracket?

  1. “Whit” is from Adventures In Odyssey, the elderly grandfather figure who encourages kids to stretch their imagination, sends them for rides through the Bible/history in the Imagination Station, and dispenses generally good advice. Adventures in Odyssey was a big part of my religious upbringing and (unlike others) remains one that I enjoy today.


    • Thanks, Megan. After looking at this bracket I realized that my understanding of evangelical pop culture does not extend much beyond the 1990s.


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