Let’s Take Our Chances With Pence


Let’s face it, the Trump presidency is a circus.  It is time for him to go.  Even those who agree with his policies have to admit that his antics on Twitter, and his constant lying to the American people, is not good for the country.  The press (and many Americans) do not believe a word that he says and I am afraid it is only going to get worse as his term continues.  If he really cares about the country he will admit that his presidency is a distraction and he will resign.  (And I should add that there will be a special place in the history books for the GOP politicians who  have sat back and let it all happen).

Let’s recap:

  • Trump claimed that the crowd at his inauguration was the largest in American history.  Kellyanne Conway said press secretary Sean Spicer had “alternative facts.”
  • Trump compared the intelligence community to Nazi Germany
  • When Trump came to the CIA to make amends for what he said about Nazi Germany he attacked the media and bragged about his crowd sizes.
  • Russia hacked our election and Trump has done nothing.
  • While he was speaking to the FBI Trump claimed he was on the cover of Time more than any other person.
  • On multiple occasions Trump claimed the millions of people voted for him illegally.
  • Trump claimed he had the largest electoral college victory since Reagan.  When a reporter called him out on this he blamed it on his staff
  • Trump tried to ban Muslims from other countries through an executive order.  It was an utter disaster.
  • The Bowling Green Massacre
  • Trump claimed that the murder rate is the highest its been in 47 years.  Not true.
  • Trump’s own nominee for the Supreme Court called the President’s comments about the judiciary “demoralizing.”
  • Trump’s National Security Adviser resigned after he lied about contacts with Russia.
  • Trump claimed that 1000s of illegal voters were bused into New Hampshire for the purpose of voting for Hillary Clinton.
  • Trump surrogate Stephen Miller told the Sunday morning news shows (and the nation) that his boss’s national security decisions “will not be questioned.”
  • Nearly all of Trump’s advisers, including Trump himself, said that his campaign had no connection whatsoever with Russia.
  • Trump claimed that his administration was running like a “fine-tuned machine.”
  • Trump claimed that the 9th Circuit Court of appeals was “in turmoil” after it overturned his travel ban.
  • Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied under oath and then had to recuse himself from investigations into the Trump’s connection with Russia.
  • Trump claimed Obama illegally wire-tapped his campaign.  The intelligence community, including  FBI James Comey, said that this did not happen.  Trump claimed he got the information about the wire-tapping from a conservative talk radio program and an alt-right website.
  • Trump is incapable of disciplining himself. He seems incapable of getting anything done beyond executive orders that may or may not be constitutional.

Here are some more.

These things alone would provide an outline for a book by a future presidential historian.  And we are only about halfway through the “first 100 days.”

Let Pence finish the term and we will have a new election in 2020.  Perhaps the white working class will find a true and honest champion.

6 thoughts on “Let’s Take Our Chances With Pence

  1. John, you need to listen to Rush and Sean and Mark more. You do a really good impersonation of what conservative talk radio hosts sound like with Democrat in the White House.


  2. Hi John,
    First of all, I agree with your post that we should give Pence a chance. (Beatles reference intended). I do have a question, though.
    Would you clarify the statement “Russia hacked our election and Trump has done nothing.”? What do you mean by the phrase “Russia hacked our election?” I see that phrase makes me think that Russia actually hacked into the voting machines and changed votes, which I don’t think is correct. If I’m correct, they hacked into the DNC servers and used the information to attempt to influence the outcome of the election. I guess my question is about a choice of words.

    I really appreciate your blog and podcast.


  3. This Is simply making noise. Say it often, say it loud. Say it at least ten times a day, a 100 times a week, hundreds of times since inauguration. This is political machination, not thoughtful.


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