Sunday Night Odds and Ends

A few things online that caught my attention this week:

Andrew Bacevich on David Brooks on making America great again

Intellectual humility and American democracy

Is Trump a populist?  And Trumpism is not economic populism.

If heaven has a gate, should Americans have a wallAmericans have a wall?

Was Hitler religious?

Some good reads for Black History Month

Kristin Du Mez is still searching for Christian America

Where is the Articles of Confederation in early histories of the American Revolution?

When should share your historical expertise for free?  When shouldn’t you do it?

Theologies of American exceptionalism

Trump’s refugee executive order in historical context

Are good teachers bad scholars?

Who do academics serve?  Who do they write for?

Ranking America’s presidents

The history of Black History Month


Book recommendations for the first half of the U.S. survey

James Fenimore Cooper and the New Testament