The Greatest Sports Call of All Time

In my opinion it does not get any better than Al Michaels and Ken Dryden on February 22, 1980. (It happened on George Washington’s birthday).  There was a time during my teenage years when I had Michaels’s call of the final minute of this game memorized.  I can still recite some of it.  One of the overlooked parts of this call was legendary Montreal Canadian goalie Ken Dryden, a Canadian, saying “unbelievable” as the game ended.  He was clearly shocked by what he had just witnessed. (Dryden is also know for saying “the U.S. team is relying a little too much on [goalie] Jim Craig, he’s making too many good saves” seconds before Michael’s interrupted to call what turned out to be the game-winning goal: “ERUZIONE, MIKE ERUZIONE!!!!“)

2 thoughts on “The Greatest Sports Call of All Time

  1. Professor Fea – greatest call indeed! But most people I talk to about it think the USA won the gold medal by beating the Soviet Union in that game. When in fact, after beating the Soviets 4-3, the Americans still had to beat Finland to win the gold. The Americans won that game 4-2. Had they lost that game, the Americans would not have even won a medal.
    Also, great hat-tip to Ken Dryden, my all-time favorite ice hockey player. His book, The Game, is the best sports book I’ve ever read. I attended a small liberal arts college near Cornell University in the late-1960s and early-1970s, and had the privilege to see the BIG RED #! lead Cornell to NCAA and ECAC championships long before he made it big with Montreal in the NHL.


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