Andrew Sullivan Tries to Explain Stephen Miller


You may recall Stephen Miller from last Sunday morning when he appeared on all the news shows.  He is apparently one of Trump’s closest advisers.  We wrote about this here.

Over at New York Magazine writer Andrew Sullivan tries to explain this guy:

I feel like I know Stephen Miller, the youthful Montgomery Burns who lectured the lügenpresse last Sunday morning in his charm-free Stakhanovite baritone. I feel like I know him because I used to be a little like him. He’s a classic type: a rather dour right-of-center kid whose conservatism was radicalized by lefties in the educational system. No, I’m not blaming liberals for Miller’s grim fanaticism. I am noting merely that right-of-center students are often mocked, isolated, and anathematized on campus, and their response is often, sadly, a doubling down on whatever it is that progressives hate. Before too long, they start adopting brattish and obnoxious positions — just to tick off their SJW peers and teachers. After a while, you’re not so much arguing for conservatism as against leftism, and eventually the issues fade and only the hate remains.

Read it the rest here.  Sullivan’s take makes sense.

One thought on “Andrew Sullivan Tries to Explain Stephen Miller

  1. I was never like that when I was a young, Conservative Christian and a member of the College Republicans at my university and anyone who claims that I was is just spreading Fake News! No, I don’t care what the videotape shows, it’s Fake I tell you… never happened. Oh, look! Over there! Paid protestors! Lying Media! (Runs off stage)


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