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The scandal of the evangelical mind is that there is not much of an evangelical mind.  An extraordinary range of virtues is found among the sprawling throngs of evangelical Protestants in North America, including great sacrifice in spreading the message of salvation in Jesus Christ, open-hearted generosity to the needy, heroic personal exertion on behalf of troubled individuals, and the unheralded sustenance of countless church and parachurch communities.  Notwithstanding all their other virtues, however, American evangelicals are not exemplary for their thinking, and they have not been so for several generations.

-Mark Noll, The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind, p. 3.

One thought on “Quote of the Day

  1. I kind of like that~! When it comes to my faith, I usually feel comforted by Jesus invitation to beleive as little children. I feel my faith more than I think it. Makes me come off kind of limited at times but when It comes to the gift of my Faith, I DON”T want to intellectualize it. I just want to be grateful!


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