How to Make Sure the Bowling Green Massacre Never Happens Again

I just learned that a special relief fund has been created to help the victims of Bowling Green Massacre.  You can learn more about it here.

But while supporting the victims is definitely important, we need to think more broadly about this massacre.  We need to make sure something like this never happens again. With this in mind, I encourage you to donate to an organization dedicated to educating the public about the larger cultural forces that lead to such horrendous moments in American history.

Click here to learn more.  Please consider a pledge.  Seriously, we need your support!

7 thoughts on “How to Make Sure the Bowling Green Massacre Never Happens Again

  1. Your sarcasm cheapens the American struggle and is a painful reminder to those who have lost loved ones to terrorism that the concerns for safety can be reduced to a cynical joke. It feels like scholarship turned to trolling. Saddening.


    • Are we going to ban Christianity because of the few Christians that launch terrorist attacks in the United States and other countries? What about the loved ones lost to Christian terrorists here in the US? Will we wall them off or deport them?


  2. I feel so bad for the poor victims of this tragic event. Though I think I will reserve my donations for the living until I learn more concerning this historic matter. Good luck with your fund raising project. Maybe you can get the new guy in the White House to write an Executive Order naming this day a National Holiday, or something.


    • As I said on Facebook today: “I am feeling pretty guilty about this FB post. I know history is important, but it seems rather unseemly to use a tragedy like this to raise funds for the podcast. But to quote Donald Trump at yesterday’s National Prayer Breakfast: “what the hell…'”


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