Will You Be Watching the Season Finale of “The Justice” Tonight?


Tonight, Donald Trump will say “You’re Fired” to either Neil Gorusch or Thomas Hardiman

I hope that tonight you will have some time to watch the season finale of Donald Trump’s “The Justice.”  That’s right, Trump will be announcing his Supreme Court Justice tonight on live television.  The POTUS has identified two finalists:  Neil Gorsuch and Thomas Hardiman.  Both men have arrived in Washington D.C. for the live finale.

Here is what I am expecting:  The two men will be sitting next to each other on one side of a large conference table. Trump will enter the room and sit across from them.  Then, with the live cameras rolling, he will publicly question both men concerning their credentials and judicial philosophy.

Trump will then fire one of the judges and nominate the other one as a Supreme Court Justice.

Reality TV meets the Supreme Court.  The ratings will be yuuuuuge!