Sally Yates Followed Jeff Sessions’s Advice

Watch this.  It is Jeff Sessions, Senator from Alabama, interviewing Sally Yates at her Senate hearing for the position of Deputy Attorney General.

As many of you know, Donald Trump fired Yates last night because Yates refused to defend his executive order banning refugees from seven Muslim nations.

Jeff Sessions, of course, is Trump’s current nominee for Attorney General.  I think the video speaks for itself:

It looks likes Yates took Sessions’s advice.  I wonder if Sessions will take his own advice.

2 thoughts on “Sally Yates Followed Jeff Sessions’s Advice

  1. I think the case can be made that she in fact did not follow Sessions’ advice. Sessions was careful to pit the president’s “views” up against laws. This is clear in the clip and in the larger transcript. An executive order (as much as the very concept bothers me) is more than a president’s view. It is law. An AG does not have carte blanche discretion to refuse adjudication in such cases. There is a process, and she did not follow it.


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